OPINION: You're Never Too Young for a Life Insurance Policy

Nobody wants to talk about it, but we're all going to die.  

Both my brother and my father have now passed away, and neither of them had life insurance policies.  I've had a life insurance policy through various job for eons--simple ones that likely would have only covered basic costs in the amount of $10K or less, but when someone passes, that's better than nothing.  

In my early 30s, I obtained my own life insurance policy outside of the simple one offered as a benefit at my corporate gig. Attached to it is a savings account, and I contribute to it monthly.  I know that when I die, my mom (who is my beneficiary at this time) gets a large sum of money to cover costs and well beyond.  It's the right thing to do.

Dealing with death is difficult enough.  When you add on the additional financial burden, it's even worse.  Parents can sign their kids up for policies as babies.  Adults should take the responsibility to obtain additional coverage as a simple mechanism of maturing and knowing better than to leave folks behind without resources.  

Basic policies are not expensive.  I urge anyone who happens to read this to look into life insurance.  The only thing we can be certain of in this life is death.